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-Jindy Fanatic

-Visual Storyteller

I've been editing fan videos since 2008 on YouTube. I started with Pokemon videos (Pokevids) and gradually switched over to non/Disney crossovers a few years later.

My other hobbies consists of making fanart, writing fanfiction, making bracelets that represent crossover ships, livestreaming with friends on YouTube and watching movies. 

I'm constantly learning new things about editing so I'm in no way an expert. This is just a hobby for me and I see it as a way to entertain others. This is why I call myself a visual storyteller. I don't have the confidence and proper skills to always write my stories, but I can use non/Disney footage (or any footage) to tell a story since it's easier for me.

I guess you can say I'm a non/Disney crossover fanatic too. I like the idea of characters coming together who obviously never met, and this goes for other forms of media too (live-action characters and anime characters). I prefer making crossover content because it's challenging and much more fun than canon content.


Adobe Premiere Pro 2021

Adobe After Effects 2022

Adobe Photoshop 2022



Discord ID: loveandheartbreak#5802

Main Server:


Jindy Server:



Non/Disney OTPs:

Jim Hawkins & Cinderella

Jim Hawkins & Miguel

Jim Hawkins & Phoebus

Jim Hawkins & Snow White

Jim Hawkins & Anna

Esmeralda & Tulio

Sinbad & Jasmine

Miguel & Odette

Aladdin & Megara

Pacha & Megara

Silver & Sophie

Pokemon OTPs:

Advanceshipping (Ash Ketchum & May)

Outcryshipping (May & Paul)

Ikarishipping (Dawn & Paul)

Cavaliershipping (Dawn & Gary)

Egoshipping (Gary & Misty)

Waterflowershipping (Misty & Drew)

Pokeshipping (Misty & Ash Ketchum)

Goggleshipping (Ash Ketchum & Giselle)

Comashipping (Ash Ketchum & Paul)

Palletshipping (Ash Ketchum & Gary Oak)

Rocketshipping (Jesse & James)

Other Shippings:

Loki & Georgiana

Thor & Isolde

Shindokashipping (Paul & Nokoda Miyazaki)

Jim Hawkins & May (Pokemon)

Jim Hawkins & Kagome (InuYasha)

Rameses & Cleopatra

Thomas Sharpe & Cinderella