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Who Is Aneth?

Aneth is an original character of mine.

She lives in a fictional kingdom called Noven; consider it like an ancient Egyptian/Hindu civilization. 

She is 12 years old and the youngest daughter of the emperor. She's a daddy's girl, and she's the only child who is interested in becoming the next emperor (she has 3 older siblings). She loves to read about her country's history and study politics to better prepare herself for the emperor position. Her other hobbies are writing, painting, practicing with daggers, and reading alone in the library.

She's very smart and mature for her age. She's also a little condescending towards her older siblings because none of them have an interest in being an emperor. She sees them as spoiled, ungrateful people. She strives not to be like them if the time ever comes for her to be the emperor.

What Is The Project?

My goal is to collect as much animation as I can of Aneth so that I can share her with other non/Disney crossover editors and artists. I want to share Aneth with the world, basically. I also want to collect backgrounds of her world so I can share them with others.

I did want to make her story into an actual animation film, but I do not have the funds for something big like that so for now I just want to collect animations of her and backgrounds.

If you're interested in contributing to this project, please fill out the form below and we can start working on something together.

Is This A Paid Project?

Yes. I am willing to pay animators and artists for their time and hard work. I do not have a lot of funds to spend on this endeavor, but I am willing to work something out once you apply, depending on the work involved.

Animation Collection