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This is my personal website. I have my videos posted here, a blog regarding any updates and sometimes things I need to vent on or share some concerns on. There is a forum available for me to share download links and discuss anything with my members.

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  • Mother

  • Introvert

  • Animal Lover

  • Visual Story Teller

  • Non/Disney Crossover Enthusiast

I started editing on YouTube in 2008. Back then, I used still frame Pokemon images to make "Pokevids". I gradually started using video clips to make my videos, and I became known as a Pokevid editor. I was instantly part of the Pokevid community along with some great editors of the fandom, which was something I wished for back then lol. A couple years later I discovered Disney crossovers. I fell in love with the concept and the endless stories that could be created with them. So I went from being a Pokevid editor to a Non/Disney crossover editor.

I just love the community and I met some wonderful people along the way. I'm not as active as I was back in the day but I still love editing and I don't plan on stopping any time soon (unless I'm dead lol). 

Jindy Selfie

As you can see, I'm a HUGE Jindy fan.

​Sources I like to edit with:

  • Liveaction Movies

  • Anime

  • Pokemon

  • Non/Disney Films