Apology & Upcoming Schedule

Updated: Feb 21

Hey guys!

Sorry I've been so inactive with my YouTube, website and everything in general. I've been very busy trying to get our home ready for Christmas and for family coming out to visit for the holiday. It's been hectic so far but with Christmas just around the corner, things are starting to slow down enough for me to take a breather lol. Once again, I'm so sorry for my absence but after Christmas and New Year's Celebration I'll be able to get back to live-streaming and editing during my free time so I can get these videos done. Below is some exciting news so keep reading!

During the year 2020 I will be focusing on sequels for some of my crossover videos. I have a list already set up for me to finish before the year is over:

1. Blame It On Me - sequel to Born To Die FINISHED

2. What If - sequel to Wherever You Will Go FINISHED

3. Worlds Combined 2: Reunited - sequel to Worlds Combined

4. Untitled (song to be decided) - sequel to Torn To Shreds

5. Nothing - sequel to Be Somebody

6. Viewers Decide - Have a sequel idea or request? Email me here, leave a comment or contact me on my Discord (loveandheartbreak#5802). Please note that what you pick may not be chosen due to popular demand of another sequel or lack of inspiration.

Unrelated Video List: These are what I need to finish regardless of the year's focus.

1. MEP Parts (Gotta stay active!)

My limit for the"Viewers Decide" slot(s) are 1-3 videos so the list might grow from 5 to 8 sequels to complete. It's very possible that I won't complete the list by the time given, but that doesn't mean I won't complete it in the near future. It just means that during the following year (2021) the incomplete video(s) will be slowly worked on while I focus on my new goal (TBD).

And last but not least, my RP ideas. I've been wanting to start up a new RP, however since I failed to keep The Interstellar Academy going, I'm afraid that my next idea will be flop too. I'll list some ideas I have so far and you can tell me what you think;

1. A Revamp of The Interstellar Academy - Non competitive and I'm thinking of allowing anime characters to join too. It would have it's own Discord section (or forum if that is a strong preference). The "Groups" idea may stay the same since it helps with character building, stories and interactions (I think). Adventures to new worlds and missions will take place and I have some big scenarios in mind that I think will keep everyone engaged (one example is a ship invasion).

I might RP with Jim Hawkins again but that's to be decided...

2. "The Spotlight" - Slightly competitive (no round eliminations), Non/Disney animation characters only (no anime or live action characters). This will take place in Hollywood, where everyone is either trying to be a star, or remain one through the tough, competitive environment. You can choose any occupation or chase any dream you want (a director, writer, producer, makeup artist, journalist, actor, dancer, artist, an assistant, model, photographer, etc.). You can come up with a career of your choice and you can audition with your character either as a beginner or already a star.

The catch is that you will start off with a certain number of points based on your audition. You can either start to lose or gain points based on your entries or lack-thereof. Once you run out of points, your character quits their career, or pursuit of, and leaves Hollywood.

3. "Adrift" - Slightly competitive (no round eliminations, though death of characters can occur), Non/Disney animation and anime characters only (no live action characters).

In this RP, certain passengers within a space ship wake up with no memory of who they are, where they came from and where they are going. Not only that, the rest of the crew and passengers are nowhere to be found. The ship is just drifting through space and to make matters worse, a strange wave of energy occasionally hits the ship, causing it to jostle around a bit and changing the current dimension that each passenger is in. For instance, Character A will be with Character B and C until the wave hits, causing characters B and C to disappear and be replaced with character D (or Character A will be alone until they run into a different character somewhere in the ship). Characters B and C will either see a different character with them, or they would lose each other as well and find other characters.

I know that may seem confusing at first but if this RP has a chance to be made, everything will be explained and maps/schedules of character interactions will be laid out either in the forum or Discord.

4. "When Love Is Cursed" - Non competitive, Non/Disney animation characters only. I originally wanted to make this into a series but I figured turning it into an RP wouldn't hurt either. So the story starts with a boy (okay Jim Hawkins lol) being cursed to never fall in love again because of his... man-whoring ways. The curse doesn't allow him to have any romantic feelings toward anyone and lust is out of the question. He's just numb now. After months of not caring about anything, Jim wonders to a cabin that sits alone in the woods and seeks shelter. The owner of the cabin (Cinderella), is startled when he knocks on her door. She's afraid to let him in, mainly because she herself is cursed; men fall in love with her when they see her. It happens against the man's will so they are unaware that they are even staring at her or following her like a lost puppy until she is out of sight. Cinderella has had to go into hiding because of this. So the fact she won't open the door gives Jim the hint that he is not welcome. However when he's about to leave, Cinderella opens the door and braces for what is about to happen... nothing. Jim just introduces himself and asks for shelter. Cinderella is confused but very grateful that her curse didn't work on him. She explains this to him and he tells her about his curse too. They chat, have a meal and rest for the night. The next day, Cinderella decides to make a poster about housing others who also suffer from love curses. The cabin is big enough for at least 4 more occupants (so 4 new members will be able to participate). If the RP is able to continue after several rounds, the "cabin" can expand and fit a few more people if necessary.

Will these curses be cured? Yes, eventually they will be. As a series, I wanted the end of the first season to have one of the characters be cured, and have season 2 to be the start of curing the rest of the curses. The RP can run the same way.

The space-related RP ideas can turn into a series too, but i wanted to see if anyone was interested in any of this ideas as a RP first before I try turning one of these into a series. I may or may not officially start any of these next year (unless it becomes a popular demand) but that's okay because throughout the year I can start planning everything out for the following year (2021, if possible). We'll see what happens.

Finally at the end lol. Let me know what you think in the comments below or email me if you have any ideas, suggestions or concerns. I'll be looking forward to everyone's reply :)

Thank you all and I hope to give another update after the holidays.

Love you and later!