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December Newsletter

Last month of the year! So I have two new requests I will try to finish for New Year's, so fingers crossed for two new crossovers! My free time is very limited now that Christmas is coming up so I'm trying to get the house ready for family and friends to visit. I'm also getting ready for Pokevids 2023 so don't be surprised if there's hardly any activity from me until New Years.

Until then, here is a list of things going on this month:

  • Video requests and commissions are officially closed until 2024.

  • A Jim Hawkins Mask Giveaway this Christmas!

  • A new MEP for Valentine's Day.

  • Movie nights will resume this month on my Discord servers.

  • Possibly a stream night on weekends again (I miss doing livestreams)

Okay, I believe that is it for now! Thanks for sticking around this year and I hope to see you all again soon! Have a great holiday!

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