Expressing My Personal Thoughts (Not Related To Editing)

So I've been very silent about everything that is going on in the world, and myself (a little), and I just want to express what's on my mind lately and sort of vent on the situations currently going on.

First, the Coronavirus. I admit, I wasn't 100% worried at the beginning of it all (back in February) because of the limited information on it at the time. It was often discussed as "another type of flu". Then, descriptions of it being like Pneumonia came about and that worried me (I guess that was the turning point). The last time I went out to anything big was back in March for the Supernatural Convention. I had fun, and thank goodness nothing happened health-wise after that. As soon as the schools closed for the remainder of the year (Spring), my family and I began to take the virus situation seriously and followed the suggestions to not catch or spread the virus. Yes, we wear masks when we go out to the store, or anywhere really. I do wash my hands constantly and sanitize after the store visit and my children do the same without fret. We've been staying in 90% of the time because I've been afraid to go out anywhere, and there aren't much places that are open right now. School has resumed for my son this week but he's doing it online, which I'm much more comfortable with anyway so I'm not complaining. All in all, I've been doing my best to follow what is mandated and suggested to get us through these tough times. I admit, my experience could be far worse, but for now I am doing well with my family at home.

Now, for Lebonan; when I heard and saw what happened in Lebonan, my heart broke. I immediately felt scared and sad for everyone there. I cannot imagine what it's like to lose your home and/or family in an instant like that. I have prayed today for everyone there and I am looking forward to being able to contribute something to their donation centers to help out as much as I can (I need to save up in order to being able to do that).

This event actually inspired me to want to say something on this blog not related to my hobby because I don't want you all to think I'm oblivious to what's going on in the world, or ignoring them. I am living through these events like everyone else, and while I wasn't personally affected by them (I haven't caught the virus or was there when the explosion happened), I do fear them and I am saddened by them. I recently caught up on the news and I see people being evicted for reasons beyond their control. I see people dying and suffering from serious illness because of the virus. I see people still protesting for equality (I'm for the movement btw). I see people discussing reopening schools and parents making such a hard choice about it because of the virus spreading rapidly in the country (I'm sure other countries have this issue too but I'm only referring to the US for now). I see so much anger, hate, confusion, sadness, fear and uncertainty. I tried to not let it break me down everyday, but I won't ignore the issues at hand. I feel like this entire world is broken or wounded and we are desperately trying to fix it with the limited knowledge and resources we currently have. We have leaders to depend on for guidance and answers and to be honest, I felt that our country has not really had a leader we could depend on. You can think of me as a non-Trump supporter (or something of that nature) if you wish, but I would like to expand on that statement just a little bit. If ANYONE was in office and failed to be the leader we need during these times, then I will say it again; I felt that our country has not really had a leader we could depend on. It shouldn't matter WHO is in office. If they fail, they fail. That is how I see it. I'm not a fan of Trump as a person but that's for a debate I'm not willing to get into right now.

Okay, so this is where I am in my head space when I'm not editing. I'm a mom trying to assist my children with their schooling and keep them safe from the chaotic news and that damn virus. I'm an individual who enjoys her hobby (sometimes a little too much) and I like entertaining people as much as I can. Lately I've been watching the news and trying to make sense of this whole mess, but of course, I can't. Not personally. I do my best to donate what I can to those in need and I do my best to take care of my family. I miss my best friend who lives in California and I miss my mother and brother who also live in California. I miss my cousins and other siblings in Florida, and I worry about everyone there because of the virus spreading everywhere at this point.

I hope everyone reading this is okay, or doing as well as could be. I pray you and your family are safe and if you are going through a difficult time, I pray things get better for you and feel free to reach out to me anytime to vent or ask questions. I want to be able to help as much as I can and if my hobby helps someone get through the day, or even a few minutes, then I am doing my job and I'm glad they can help in any way you need them to. Please stay safe everyone and thank you for letting me vent/express myself. Feel free to leave a comment expressing yourself if you want. It's okay if you see things differently than me or don't agree with me on anything. I'm not looking to argue I'm just expressing myself about these topics.

Again, stay safe and I'll be back soon with a video update. Later!

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