Fair Point

Just venting here. I know I do a lot of Jindy content, but the reason is because I'm more inspired to make videos with Jim and Cinderella more than any other couple out there. Yes, it's pretty much eating up my channel, but they are my OTP and I love making videos with them, and a lot of people don't mind that I make them, so I see no reason to stop yet. Now, next year I will focus on Pokevids again, so my content will change drastically for the whole year so I'm taking the time I have left to make and enjoy Jindy content. I'm sorry if everyone is tired of seeing them, but I'm not. It's my channel and Jindy is the main focus for me there. It's fine if you don't want to subscribe to me anymore because of that. I'm here to entertain anyone who actually likes what I do. If Jindy isn't for you, please just ignore my Jindy videos then and find other videos that don't involve them.

I titled this Fair Point because it IS a fair point lol, but I like making Jindy videos so I'm sorry for making them my priority right now.

Thank you. That's all I wanted to say.

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