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January Newsletter

Happy New Year! So what can we expect this month?


  • Morning livestreams will pertain to my Pokevids if I'm editing.

  • Friday night livestreams can be about anything.


  • My Jindy, Main and Patreon/Ko-Fi server livestreams will contain non/Disney crossover edits or content. Fanart and previews of non/Disney crossovers will be posted in these servers too.

  • Pokevid livestreams won't occur as often, but they will contain simple edits of Pokevids or manips.

  • Movie nights will resume on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

  • Game nights are TBD

Patreon & Ko-Fi

  • Exclusive videos, previews and fanart will be posted here.

  • Requests are only available to these members.

  • Early access to all my videos are available here.


  • Short videos and MEP parts.


  • Fun, random fanart and posts about me, my hobby, my videos and activities!


  • Same as my Tumblr. Maybe some rants about Disney stuff too.


  • More pictures of me, my Disney collection, events throughout my life.


  • Pokevids!

  • Shorts of random non/Disney stuff and of course Pokevids.

  • MEPs I'm hosting.

  • Community posts.

My Website

  • Non/Disney crossovers that won't be on YouTube until 2024.

  • Fanart, of course.

  • Venting posts.

  • Announcements.

This is all I can think of so far but if anything changes I'll announce it in my February newsletter. Please consider joining any of my social media accounts and Discord servers to keep in touch and to stay updated. Thank you and see you next month!

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