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May Newsletter

A new month and new things happening!

So I have deleted my subscription page here on my website and re-opened my Patreon and Ko-Fi accounts. I also opened my commissions using Ko-Fi, just as a fun venture and a way for me to keep up with my hobby. I plan to share more of my video updates on both websites and share exclusive content with my members there.

As for my website, don't worry I'll keep it up and running to continue hosting my videos and fanart. My forum will remain open too so everyone can continue to access the links I shared for masks and other resources such as movie files. My blog will be updated too over time, mostly with newsletters to keep everyone in the loop about me and my projects. Or to vent lol. Whichever comes first.

Anyway, I'm still struggling to edit because I have other priorities going on until the end of summer, and after that I should have a better schedule to edit or tend to my other hobbies so you'll be able to expect more activity from me sometime this fall.

Okay, I'll catch you guys later!

Current video projects:

  1. Already Over

  2. Wildest Dreams Collab

  3. *Halloween Video*

  4. Adrift Episode 3

  5. Wrath

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