My Body, My Decision.

I don't normally get political on my platforms, but this issue on the Overturn of Roe vs Wade has really upset me. Now, the title should say it all and end it all. Why is it that other people are trying to control other people in regards to their bodies? How does MY decision on MY body affect someone else's? If a woman gets pregnant, how does that affect you or your body? If she gives birth, how does that affect YOUR life or your body? If she gives the baby to foster care or to adoption, how does that affect you? You can dig deeper and say "it affects our benefits" or whatever, and that's fine, BUT how does it affect your personal life at all? And I'm not talking about you being the baby's father, or a relative of the mother (even though the main question still applies because it's not YOUR body), I'm talking about that young woman across the nation who has no idea who you are, and doesn't care to know who you are because you're not her business, and she shouldn't be your business either! Tell me why anyone else's personal decision affects you or your life at all. Christians argue that abortions are wrong but so is judging others, coveting others and not allowing everyone else the right to choose what they want to do with their own lives because God gave us all choices. He gave us a right to choose what to do with our own lives, and only He can judge us and do what he wants to us in the end. Yes I agree we should have man-made-laws to keep things civil and safe, but when you throw God in the mix, it gets thrown off balance in my opinion. Now, to try and make abortions illegal only worsens things in our country. People will do it secretly and in unsafe environments that can lead to permanent damage or death. It happens all the time in other countries. Abortions isn't about just "getting rid a baby", it's about saving a woman who can't carry the baby full-term because of complications. Imagine being the pregnant woman being told by her doctor that if she doesn't have an abortion, there is a high chance she will die, and not have that option available to her, all because some old white as men who doesn't know or care about any of these situations, decided that operations such as abortions should be outlawed. Imagine that, and tell me you'll be okay with dying because of pregnancy. If you're fine with that, then okay. Again, it's YOUR decision, and it won't affect me one bit (because I don't know you) and even if I did and you still chose to do it, the main idea still applies; YOUR body, YOUR decision. Now, if you chose to abort the pregnancy but couldn't because it is now illegal, what are your choices then? Go to another state or country that will perform it right? Oh but what if you have no money to travel? Or the time to travel because of your job or whatever reason? Right. You're out of luck unless it's done illegally and you risk prison time for it. Is that really what they want for everybody?! Innocent women and doctors in jail for an operation that shouldn't be illegal in the first place!

You don't have to like abortions or support it. You can ignore it and just leave everyone else alone, mind your own damn business and if you're trying to preach about God and Jesus to people who support or do abortions, you're doing it wrong. You are! Plain and simple. Like I said, God gives us all the freedom to choose what we do with our lives, and you shouldn't try and take that away from anybody, because doing that would only allow YOUR OWN choices to be taken from you. I'm serious! This won't stop at abortions if it's allowed to keep going! Those law makers sitting above you will eventually take something away from you that you think you have the right to have, and you're gonna want help with reverse it, but depending on what it is, other people are not gonna give a shit because "it doesn't affect them" or they would rejoice saying "it's a good thing they got rid of that!" and you will know what it feels like to have your own personal choice taken from you in a country you thought would always provide that for you. Think about that for a second. You want choices and rights for yourself?! You have to support the rights and choices for everyone else. Now, I know people will argue that "other" choices should be brought into this matter now that I said that, but I'm focusing only on the right to have an abortion in this argument. Don't come at me with other things right now, I'm not gonna entertain those ideas or topics. Right now, it's about the abortion rights and how fucked up it is to make it illegal in times when we should be progressing as a society.

I can go on and on about this issue but I will end it here for now. If anything else comes up, I will address. Thank you if you read through this mess. I appreciate it and I will keep you all updated on my hobbies and stuff later.

Be safe everyone and please help each other through these insane times.

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