New Beginnings

So I'm sitting here in the front room with my computer wondering what to say to everyone. Yes I changed my website again, I deleted my Patreon and Ko-Fi account, and I opened some social media accounts. The reasons for everything will be explained below.

My Website:

I lost most of my website features due to lack of payment and I could not afford the subscription fee until recently. So here we are again! I redesigned everything to hopefully make the navigation here more easy. If I failed, please tell me.

Also, I added in a subscription service so I can offer my subscription services here on my website instead of relying on third party websites such as Patreon and Ko-Fi. Don't get me wrong, they are great websites, but I prefer this all-in-one option for myself. It's easier for me.

You don't have to subscribe to see everything on here; my blog, videos and art gallery are free for everyone to see and my forum and groups page are for my website members, which is also free. Exclusive previews, video updates, forum categories and an exclusive livestream are available only to my subscribers.

NSFW content are available for those with the NSFW badge. Contact me via email if you're interested in obtaining the NSFW badge.

As the year progresses, I'll try keeping my website relevant so it can stay active by opening requests or doing a small giveaway. If you're interested in that, become a member so I can notify you whenever these features become available.

My Social Media Accounts:

I opened a Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok as an alternative way for people to interact and communicate with me. Feel free to follow me there if you're interested. I'm more active on Instagram but I'll try being active on my other accounts somehow.

New Beginnings:

Since last November, I've been in a very dark place due to my mother being in the hospital. While she was in there, I was trying so hard not to break down. I had to stay strong for my children and my other family members, which was hard but I did it. My mother started to recover in December and even though I was still busy worrying about her, I finally got a chance to relax a bit and she was my main priority aside from my children, so I was very busy in November and December. In January, my mother was discharged and I had to take care of her for a while, which is why I haven't done any editing in January. She left to go back home to Florida this month and I'm finally at a place where I can breathe easier, smile and laugh more. I know she'll be okay with the treatments she will receive back at home so I'm not so worried about her now.

Now it's just me, my significant other and my children again, so I have time to edit, but the dark times still like to mess with me and that can slow me down. For instance, there are times where I feel like just giving up and deleting myself from the internet, but when I feel that way, I just step away from the computer and do other things to distract me as much as possible. After I wake up the next day, I feel better and I'm able to edit again. It's not that I'm tired of editing or want to quit, I just go through some dark days and I handle it the best way I can. Now that I have my website up and running again, I'll do my best to make this place fun and/or useful, depending on why you visit.

With that said, I hope to see you here as a new member or subscriber. I love you all and until my next post, later!


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