New Downloads Available!

Hey everyone!

I have some exciting news. First of all, new Jim, Miguel and Phoebus masks are available to be downloaded in my Jim Hawkins and Alpha Mask folder (found in the forum). So feel free to use those to your heart's content :)

I also bought some cinematic audio that I think some editors would benefit from. It's nothing like "creaking door" or "gunshot", sorry. It's more like music, orchestra and audio you would hear from trailers and such. And last but not least, I was able to buy some acapella files too. Check them out as well and see if they could be any use to you.

Both file types can be found below in separate folders. Enjoy!!AouLE2i8GXLWqFgjfw52XE0B6K9H?e=vJCwXu

Alright, I believe that is it. I'm making plans for my next video and my upcoming series so keep an eye out for updates on those!

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