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New Features!

Hey everyone! I have added some new features to the website. Here is a list of them below:

  1. List of Current and Upcoming Events

  2. Contests! (coming in 2023)

  3. Special Events! (coming soon)

  4. Requests and Commissions are now open!

  5. A Thank You Page for my Patreon and Ko-Fi members!

  6. Information on my Aneth project!

  7. Now hiring freelance artists and animators! (for Aneth)

  8. Adrift Series has been added to my video list!

  9. NSFW videos have been separated from the rest of my videos for safety reasons. If you wish to view my NSFW content, let me know either by email or DM or Discord and I'll provide the badge needed for you to access it. You have to be a member of this website for it to work.

These are the new features I have added to this website. Have fun exploring everything and I look forward to any new requests, commissions or artists willing to help with the Aneth project!

Thank you and later!

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