New Official Online Store and Backgrounds For Sale

Hello beloved members of this crazy website. I have officially opened my first online store for different merchandises and a digital store where you can purchase the backgrounds I had made for Aneth (they're basically Aneth's world). More backgrounds will be added throughout the year.

For the merch store, please check your emails for a discount code. This code will allow you to get 10% off of your entire purchase. Patreon members get 50% off.

All proceeds will go toward animation fees for Aneth. If you can't afford anything from the store or become a patron, you are more than welcome to make a one-time donation to paypal, which will help keep the website going. If you still cannot contribute financially, please share this information with friends and family. This way, you'd still be helping me bring Aneth to life for everyone in the community and you'd be helping this website to stay active.

Feel free to explore the store and if you have any questions just ask. This is my first attempt at this so please forgive me if things are a little slow on my end. Okay that is is for now. Chat later!

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