New Website For Non/Disney Editors

Updated: Jan 25

Hey guys!

I started a new website specifically for non/Disney crossover editors. It's members-only and the reason for that is because another editor I have been talking to expressed her concerns regarding some harassment within the online community. We came up with an idea where editors, such as ourselves, can freely upload and showcase our videos/art without anyone harassing us or causing drama. I was able to create a website where members can upload their videos into a video gallery for members to see. It's not a perfect feature like YouTube or Vimeo, but it's close enough until I can perfect it over time.

It's not only videos that can be uploaded. Members can upload their fanart and fanfiction that they may not feel uncomfortable enough to share with the general public for any reason (taboo-shipping or just want to share a fanart with like-minded people). There's also a section for contests and challenges that members can part-take in for fun. I included a File Share page where members can share their files (any file) to the website, such as download links to editing materials (masks, backgrounds, audio files, etc.). Other website features include a forum where you can post your questions, rants, video and image files for reviews, a highlighted video section on the homepage, and a birthday submission forum so members can be part of the birthday list.

If you feel comfortable enough to share your videos or art publicly, then awesome! You don't have to worry about this website. If, however, you feel like you want or need a place to share your work in an exclusive environment, without anyone trying to harass you, spam you with unnecessary messages/comments, threaten you for your ship or story outcomes, then my new website could be the right fit for you. The sign-up process requires me to approve all new members before they can join. Right now the easy way for me to approve anyone is by checking their YouTube channel, or any social media link provided for me to look at, before I approve anyone. This is a way for me to ensure that we don't get any of the drama-makers or harassers that some of the editors have come across. I'm currently making a blacklist of usernames (people basically) who are not welcome into the site so if you know any usernames that should not be on the site, please let me know either by leaving a comment or

emailing me

. This information would help me and the future members of the site.

I won't provide the link here for security reasons, but if you are interested in joining the website, or just looking at it to see if you'll benefit from it, then send me an

email here

and I'll send you the link. I only ask that you DO NOT share the website link with anyone else.

Thank you for reading this and if you have any questions just leave a comment below and I'll answer asap.