November Newsletter

Hey everyone! Sorry for my lack of activity here. I've been busy with the upcoming holidays and taking care of our new puppy. So my free time is a bit wonky right now, but I am still editing when I have the energy and I plan to release at least two crossover videos for New Year's, before we start the Pokevids 2023. I'm getting other things ready for Christmas too, such as a new masking pack of Jim and possibly my other masks if I have time to put them all together.

  • Crossover video and fanart requests on this website will close starting this December so I can prepare for Pokevids, so if you want a crossover video from me, please visit the request page and fill out the form asap.

  • Once 2023 starts, the requests will only allow Pokevid requests. This goes for my commissions page too, unless it has something to do with Pokevids.

  • Only Patreon and Ko-Fi members will be allowed to request anything crossover related so you may consider that if my Pokevids do not interest you.

  • I'll update my merch store soon with time-limited Christmas products so keep an eye out for that!

Any questions or suggestions, feel free to email me at I'll post again if there's an update. Later!

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