Small Tea (not my usual topic)

Updated: Feb 9

So this person on YT wanted to try and "have a discussion" about Cinderella only loving Charming and never meeting Jim. No shit Sherlock. But in this community, we can do what we want and with any of the characters. We know this, right? Well apparently this person is not so open-minded and just continued to "lecture me" (it felt like a tiny lecture okay lol) so I left a final comment about crossovers and that I know the damn movies because I edit with them! They think I don't know anything about Cinderella just because I ship her with Jim. Wow. I'd say judgemental but idk. I just blocked them. Anyway, I'm just confused about them watching my videos and complaining about them when they don't even like the idea of canon couples being shipped with other characters. THAT baffles me.

I originally posted their channel here but I decided not to share stuff like that anymore. It seems vindictive and I don't want to appear to be that kind of person anymore so from now on, I'll post vague "tea" stories here if I need to vent and just move on. I don't want to endanger anyone, no matter if we get along or not.

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