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So, It Is 2023...

2023 is here, so what does that mean? .... I don't know either. I just got through reading some "comments" about me, or speculations of me, for my original version of Say When. I know, I know I shouldn't do that. I was fine not knowing how and what these strangers thought about me and my video... but I was curious and honestly, it was like 50/50 for me in terms of feeling kind of cringy and enlightened. Cringy for how people can still try judging me based on that one video and not understanding the story. Enlightened because no posts like that exists past 2016... so I feel like that all died down and since I'm not viral anymore, I can still just relax and enjoy what little audience members I have.

With that said, I know a lot of followers will find my Pokevid year to be off-putting or even boring, but I'm hoping my longest followers can still appreciate my hobby and celebrate 15 years of editing with me. I'm looking forward to new followers, new Discord members and activities, and.... just more! I want to do more than just the regular videos; I want to experiment with the shorts on YT lol. I want to do things for TikTok too (maybe some shorts of videos I plan to make public in 2024), and I definitely want to start livestreams again. I miss interacting with everyone.

So basically, I plan to make 2023 be as fun and as active as possible! I don't want to sit and wait for something big to happen, not this time. Every little thing to me counts, and even if I just want to vent and sound insane to everyone, I'm willing to do it. I want to be more open to you guys and enjoy my online life like I used to.

In conclusion, expect a little more from me this month, and a little more the next month, and more the following month... you get the picture lol.

So that's my resolution, what's your's??

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