The Fate of My Crossovers

If anyone here is wondering about my crossovers now that I attention had shifted to Aneth again, I can assure you that my hobby would not be neglected in the slightest. RotM is still my main editing focus and I am currently collecting Jim masks for future use (Adrift and Worlds Combined 2). However, yes this does mean I might slow down just a little bit on editing to focus on Aneth if need be, but I will never stop making crossovers.

I have good news regarding that. There are new tiers on my Patreon, and 2 tiers are now open for a limited amount of people to make video requests (tier 2 allows a short video request and tier 4 allows a full-length video request). I plan to work hard this year so I can fund animations for Aneth, which is why I'm open for requests via Patreon. The number is limited so that I don't overwork myself and disappoint everyone. So if that is something you would be interested in, please check my Patreon.

So I'm still active, I'm just very excited to try Aneth again :) I'm hoping the next couple of years would allow me to finally get Aneth out there and showcase her in a crossover video. You all have stuck around this long through my inconsistencies and I'm very grateful. I hope we can stay connected even longer from here on out.

Alright, until next time, later!

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