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Hey everyone! Sorry I've been inactive on my own website but I figured out a way for me to make this place relevant again. If everything goes according to plan, I should be able to do livestreams here on this website every week or two. I'm thinking either Thursday nights or Friday nights around 9:30 pm MST. I can only host livestreams at night due to me being busy during the day as an editor and mother. If you wish to see my livestreams during the hours I'm not streaming, please let me know by leaving a comment below or email me at anne@loveandheartbreak.net

This is an alternative to YouTube because of the copyright issues I often run into while streaming on that site. I also have Twitch but I am not familiar with how they handle copyright content there. If this plan works out, then I can decide on what to stream on my website and what to stream on Twitch/YouTube. If anything I might just do livestream hangouts on YouTube to try and avoid copyright music problems.

Another alternative is to have voice chat available on my Jindy discord server so more people can chat together and I can stream myself editing. If you have yet to join my discord server, you can access it here: https://discord.com/invite/TVqzmhz

Okay, I believe that is all I have to announce for now. I'm trying my best to make everything I have relevant somehow and I don't mind any suggestions you guys may have. This year has been crazy and I can only hope that next year would better. Thank you all for being here and supporting me all this time. I'll check in next week (most likely on Thanksgiving) with my first website livestream! More information on what I plan to stream will be posted in the Wix app (you can find my website using the app and access everything easily). I'll also post a quick announcement in my blog, on my discord server and on my YouTube community channel so everyone can try and attend. I'll do a few test runs throughout this week so if you see a livestream available, jump in and share your experience so I'll know what to fix for the official livestream. Thank you again and until next time... Later!

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