Venting Rant

So I STILL receive comments about Melody's age and Jim's age, which isn't much of a big deal now that "Say When" is no longer on my channel, but I'll admit that stuff still bothers me from time to time. Especially when certain people state that Melody IS 11, as if they know for sure, and that Jim is "so much older than her". I get it, he is older, duh! I know because of this damn hobby!

What I also know is that Melody is NOT 11, she's 12 and Jim is 15. So what? These are fictional characters within fictional stories and none of that shit should effect everyone else's daily life. I mean I watch hundreds of "interesting" crossovers per year and none of them effect my daily life. It just makes me a nerd lol.

Anyway, I just wanted to get that off of my chest and state that you will all be able to see certain comments like that on my Jimel videos, but other comments that I just don't want to deal with because they remind me so much of my "Say When" days, I remove them. I just don't want to argue or discuss that topic ever again because I did so many times before and I'm damn well exhausted. I hope someone can understand that.

Okay, I'll just leave this here and carry on. I'll post an update on my latest video soon. Until then, later!

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