Video Thieves

It’s interesting that this video of mine keeps getting used or re-edited with different songs and editing styles. I used to find this very annoying and I would express my thoughts (sometimes a little too aggressively) to the people who did these things like crop out my watermark or just re-upload with different music and not give me the proper credit for being the original editor. Now, I just let the person know that I would appreciate being credited for the original edit and that would be it. If they still do not credit me, then I’ll just leave them be and not give them the view. If they do credit me, then I express my appreciation for it and move on. I know not everyone does this anymore, but if you or anyone runs into a video that has any part of my videos in it and the uploader has not given me the proper credit, please don’t attack them or send hate to them. Just let the uploader know that crediting the editor would be appreciated and leave them be. If they do credit me, then just move on and leave them be. I know this didn’t need to be addressed, but I felt like sharing my thoughts on this matter.

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